Are you retouching and manipulating images? With Oakground’s newest project, a fun game called Zolstra, I’ve been helping to create creatures and animating them. While I have always used Photoshop in the past, I’ve started using Pixelmator and love it. The program is set up to be user friendly, from its easy to identify tools, to its super help features that include brief and to the point tutorials. I am sold!

In Pixelmator it is so easy to manipulate and color my photos, that I soon found that I had gone far and beyond my original intentions. Instead of simply erasing unwanted elements, I was expanding and creating from those that were already there. The lay-friendly interface allowed me to discover functions that I never knew existed - or at least had never been able to find in my other imaging software.

Even the little things tend to make it easy to use. I love to try out new tools as I am working. With Pixelmator, you can easily undo these changes and I love that it tells you what function is being undone.

I was afraid that a $29.99 application would not provide with the functionality that I needed after having used Photoshop. Instead I have found that it is much more intuitive, allowing me to easily explore and create, with results that look fantastic.