After noting that our clients have recently experienced a dramatic increase in the number of devices being stolen from their cars, we investigated and learned the following:

Recent increase in notebooks stolen from cars.

Notebooks, phones, and other electronic devices can broadcast cellphone, wifi, and blue tooth signals, even when they are in sleep mode. It has been brought to my attention that gangs in LA and the Bay Area use specialized apps to detect these signals coming from cars. Like flies to honey, they are able to identify the car, inspect the content, and identify the device or a bag the device may be in, break the window and take off.
The whole process only takes only a couple minutes.

Possible Solutions:
1) Do not store hardware in your car.
2) If you don’t have a choice: POWER the device down. Putting the device in sleep mode (like closing the clamshell on a Mac, airplane mode or locking your phone) will not to it. The device still checks in periodically with the internet. Make sure any bluetooth speakers and devices are also powered down. Hide the device before reaching your destination. Assume that someone is observing you when you park at the destination.