After noting that our clients have recently experienced a dramatic increase in the number of devices being stolen from their cars, we investigated and learned the following:

Recent increase in notebooks stolen from cars.

Notebooks, phones, and other electronic devices can broadcast cellphone, wifi, and blue tooth signals, even when they are in sleep mode. It has been brought to my attention that gangs in LA and the Bay Area use specialized apps to detect these signals coming from cars. Like flies to honey, they are able to identify the car, inspect the content, and identify the device or a bag the device may be in, break the window and take off.
The whole process only takes only a couple minutes.

Possible Solutions:
1) Do not store hardware in your car.
2) If you don’t have a choice: POWER the device down. Putting the device in sleep mode (like closing the clamshell on a Mac, airplane mode or locking your phone) will not to it. The device still checks in periodically with the internet. Make sure any bluetooth speakers and devices are also powered down. Hide the device before reaching your destination. Assume that someone is observing you when you park at the destination.





Silent Auctions Just Got Easier

Pearl Bids silent auction manager: the ideal tool for non-profit events organizers


San Rafael, CA, November 15, 2019- Oakgrounds Inc is excited to announce the release of its newest version of the popular software, Pearl Bids, the silent auction management app designed to help non-profit organizations organize and simplify their auctions. Easily create silent auctions, track donations, print bid sheets and generate invoices. With Pearl Bids, auction organizers spend less time managing their auction, allowing more time to devote to other details.


This popular software program, originally designed to assist a local school with its silent auction, is now available in an online version allowing for increased functionality and ease of use. With the addition of many exciting new features, Pearl Bids truly is the optimal choice for any one seeking a non-profit full service silent auction manager at a minimal cost.


Pearl Bids provides a one-stop shop for running a silent auction. The base package, available for only $29.99, will provide everything needed to set up and get your auction running. (A grant program is available to assist those who find that even this low cost is outside of their budget.) From printing flyers and sending customized email pre-registration announcements to tracking all donors, donations, and attendees, Pearl Bids does it all.


Unlike many other products available today, Pearl Bids can be used at no additional cost for an unlimited number of auctions for the entire year. With its ability to draw on past auctions, it is easy to duplicate previous donations, contact past donors and attendees, and utilize historical statistics.


The optional bidding license completes the package, allowing the administrator to enter all bids (or invite “helpers” to do so using with their mobile devices), send out custom invoices (with a PAY NOW button), as well as generate many useful reports.


With its full-featured easy-to-use interface and low cost, Pearl Bids will make managing your silent auction more profitable and more fun!


Oakgrounds Inc is a California based-company that specials in developing custom applications geared towards small and mid-sized businesses as well as non-profits. For more information visit


Cameron Carey
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At Oakgrounds we continually seek to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and on developments that may make any apps that we create more beneficial and streamlined for our clients. With that in mind, several years ago Oakgrounds resurrected the *Marin Developer's Group for FileMaker and now hosts meetings through out the year to help local developers stay on top of their game. 

Our March meeting, Releasing A New Version of Your FM App? Doing Off-Line FM Developmentfeatured two presenters; Stuart Hite (Productive Computing) & Sam Barnum (360Works):

During the first hour, we learned how to use the FM Data Migration Assistant to automate the process of cloning and transferring data between two files (like a production and development copy, or reverting to a backup) with just a few clicks and eliminate lengthy complex scripting. How to perform migrations like a pro with a familiar, intuitive FileMaker user interface, cutting out the need to use Terminal on Mac or the Command Prompt on Windows to run the migration program were all demonstrated.

About the Presenter:
Stuart Hite earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 1992 and has been developing software for over 30 years. For over 14 years, he was the primary in-house FileMaker developer and the top nationwide instructor for a large education organization. His most recent release with PCU is the extensive FileMaker Certification Preparation course.

Our second hour had a presentation by Sam Barnum from 360Works. Sam discussed how: 

360Deploy 2 leverages the new FileMaker Data Migration Tool, making the import process extremely fast while maintaining the ease and automation of 360Deploy. Vertical Market solution developers will especially benefit from 360Deploy 2, as it allows for simultaneous remote deployment to multiple servers.

About the Presenter:
Sam Barnum is a lead developer at 360Works, where he has a hand in many of the interesting and useful products produced. He lives in San Francisco with his two boys who are (promisingly) enthused about the binary number system, and are almost of the age where they can all start a band called Barnum’s Animals.


* To learn more about the Marin FileMaker Developers Group, please visit