On May 9, 2017 FileMaker, Inc. announced the release of the FileMaker 16 Platform, the latest version of its highly successful custom app platform. The FileMaker Platform includes everything needed to create, share, and run custom apps for business teams. This simplifies and accelerates the design and delivery of custom apps for mobile, cloud and on-premises deployments.

What does this mean for Oakgrounds' clients? FileMaker forms the basis upon which the majority of Oakgrounds' apps are created. These added features and tools will allow Oakgrounds to generate more powerful apps, further enhancing our customers experiences and productivity.

The FileMaker 16 Platform packs powerful, sophisticated new features that help teams solve business problems quickly and easily. The updated capabilities include:

Increased Mobility: The addition of animations and transitions with scripts provide visual cues to help orient users as they navigate through their custom apps on the FileMaker Go app. Enhanced signature capture for the FileMaker Go app allows users to sign documents on iPad and iPhone just as they would on a paper form.

Expanded Integration: Allowing for an easy exchange data with other web services and applications using enhanced cURL options and predefined JSON functions in FileMaker Pro.

Clearer Development: A new Layout Objects window provides a hierarchical list of all objects in a layout. This makes it easy to make changes to an object without having to ungroup the entire set of objects.

Increased Scalability: Custom apps accessed via FileMaker WebDirect now can be used by up to 500 users simultaneously, making it easier to share data with an entire team.

Added Security: Simplified credential management with OAuth 2.0 using third-party authentication providers improves security and safety of custom apps. Existing Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure account credentials now can be used to log into FileMaker-based custom apps.

According to Ann Monroe, vice president of worldwide marketing, FileMaker, Inc., “Today's leaders empower their teams with the tools they need to quickly adapt as their needs change. The FileMaker 16 Platform builds on our track record of success, providing customers with the latest features, enabling them to create great apps that work across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.” 

At Oakgrounds, we look forward to utilizing these new features to benefit our clients. Advancements such as these are what allow Oakgrounds to provide the best apps targeted to streamline our customer's businesses by increasing productivity and efficiency and helping them to alleviate the need for costly third party options and add-ons.