Face it, Excel spreadsheets are slowly becoming obsolete. The data becomes too complex, and it is no longer practical to share an Excel sheet among employees. Luckily there is FileMaker. 

Filemaker is an enterprise-level relational database application. This means that it can tackle complex problems in a sweet user-friendly interface. Depending on your needs, the database can be accessed from multiple locations on multiple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone) at the same time. Changes are instantaneous. Reports are generated on the fly. Inventory control, Ordering and Invoicing, Time sheets, Contact Management, Project Management, are well known examples of problems successfully tackled by FileMaker developers. 

FileMaker can be accessed locally (from your hard drive), through your LAN, or through the Web. 

Best of all, Filemaker is priced for the small business. Development is significantly quicker. Rapid development = Competitive pricing.