Climate Corps Bay Area is a program that allows talented, qualified, passionate Bay Area young adults to spend 10 months learning cutting edge, valuable professional and leadership skills by working with San Francisco Bay Area communities and organizations to develop and implement projects that address climate change resiliency.

Oakgrounds has developed an application for the overseers of this exciting program, Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), that guides, organizes and maintains the backend process from the initial applications, to each stage of the process through the term of the fellowship. This application maintains a record of each candidate fellowship year, starting with the application process and provides automation for the different steps of this journey. 

This application takes the position from its inception to completion with the following steps:

1. SEI finds partners that have positions available regarding climate change, for example a bicycle shop looking to achieve a green certification.

2. This new partner is provided a login to the online App where they can create a job description and enter in location, stipend... information. If they are creating multiple entries, it is easy to duplicate and edit new entries as needed.

3. The jobs are posted online by geographic region.  

4. Candidates view the descriptions and apply online via a targeted survey and by uploading their resume. 

5. SEI conducts an initial phone interview and matches the candidates with one or more positions.  

6. The partner then is able to interview the elected candidates and make their selections.

7. Those candidates not selected, are put back into the pool. Once the hiring term is over; those who were not hired are automatically notified.

8. If hired, the candidates (now the new Fellows) can log back in to the system to login their hours and keep track of their 10-month commitment.

9. Partner approves the hours so that SEI can then follow through with payments.

All along the process, automated status messages can be generated for the partner and applicant. Each step also allows for internal comments and notes.