Always on the lookout for new ideas and resources, Ward saw a void and filled it. Ward started a new Marin Database Interest Group for FileMaker (Marin DIG FM). There was a similar group in the area, but it has been inactive for many years.

This is not a class for those looking to learn how to use FileMaker, but a great place to exchange ideas, discuss challenges the community is dealing with, and inspire you with creative new strategies.

At each monthly meetings, there is an opportunity to bring up topics that can be discussed together as a group and usually a well known developer gives a presentation. These have proven to be extremely informative with information that can inspire us to look at solving problems in different ways. This IS a great place for beginners--we all started there--and it's especially eye opening for new folks to see what kinds of solutions can be created with the FileMaker platform. It is also proving to be extremely popular with experienced FileMaker developers; we already have 72 members. Luckily everyone has not been able to attend all the meetings with our average attendance ranging from 25-30.

If you are interested in learning more about MARIN DIG FM or joining our group, visit