With the excitement of getting a new computer, comes the dread that new conflicts will exist. Luckily working for Oakgrounds, Inc, I have a ready resource at my hands making the transition pretty seamless. I did hit a snag though when I attempted to upload photos from my Galaxy S3 to my new MacBook Air.

Pearl Bids v1.7 Bid Sheets

We are superĀ excited to announce the newest release of Pearl Bids Silent Auction Software, the popular application that is quickly becoming a favorite of schools, churches and clubs. With the release of version 7.2, added enhancements and increased functionality make it an even more effective tool for silent auction managers.

heartbleed ssl bug

The New York Times, Reuter and AP News all reported the vulnerability in OpenSSL to heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). The allows an attacker to get memory dumps with all kinds of data. This is bad. But what about Apple OSX?