Only your couch can save the world!  Raining Zolstra is a creative project ...

... that we started a couple of years ago. By moving your couch to bounce invading aliens back into their space ship you can save Earth.

Since they are very small, the aliens from the planet Zolstra don't really want to be here. But you can help them trampoline off of couches back into their spaceships. As you play, you get help from other Zolstrian creatures. But, as soon as you think they are all on their way, here come more!

Sounds like fun? After 9 minutes you can register your score on the Zolstralian 9-minute Leader Board. Continue playing and get even more spaceships. Use the spaceships to get Zolstrian chickens, cats & dogs or to register on the Zolstralian unlimited high score leader board. 

Help us spread the word, by posting on Facebook and Twitter and receive more credits as a thank you.

This fun, game is now available for no charge in the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad. Raining Zolstra !