After spending the week a with Tony Davoren, an accomplished musician, who toured with Riverdance as well as having recorded with many artists including Sting, The Chieftains, and Sinead O’Connor, I came home with a list of new music apps which I was itching to explore. Whether you are a professional musician, an amateur who enjoys dabbling, or just a music enthusiast, take a look.

The first on his list was Cleartune.  Acting like the traditional pitch pipe, Cleartune allows you to easily tune your instrument. Powerful enough for professional musicians (like me friend) and easy enough for an amateur (like myself), this was a true find.
Cleartune is available on the App Store on iTunes, for Androids at Google Play 

Another one of his favorites, TuneIn also appeals to the professional and amateur alike. It provides a platform for professionals to gain exposure for their new creations,  while allowing anyone ego listen to over 100,000 real radio stations from around the world as well as being exposed to new and upcoming artists. While I was interested in the music end, because of the multitude of radio stations available, this app enables people to listen to whatever radio is most important to them, be it sports, news, music or whatever.
TuneIn is available on the App Store on iTunes, for Androids at Google Play or at

The last and my favorite, TunePal is aimed for traditional Irish, Scots, Welsh and Breton musicians, but can be fun for anyone. Type in the name of the tune, and the musical notation will appear or you can choose to listen to the tune instead. Inversely, just hold up your phone, hit record and the melody will be extracted and submitted for matching. Matching tunes are then downloaded to our device where you can view and edit the notation or play it back. At this time, the very extensive library appears to consist solely of traditional music. 

Tunepal is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android or can be accessed for free through