With the excitement of getting a new computer, comes the dread that new conflicts will exist. Luckily working for Oakgrounds, Inc, I have a ready resource at my hands making the transition pretty seamless. I did hit a snag though when I attempted to upload photos from my Galaxy S3 to my new MacBook Air.

While all my other devices were able to connect effortlessly, the new computer would not recognize my phone, no matter what device driver I tried to use. After multiple tries and searching the internet and finding very little help, I finally arrived at a solution.

The key lay in down loading Samsung’s Kies from www.samsung.com/kies. Kies will notify you of updates for your phone or tablet, when connected via USB cable to a computer. It provides and easy tool for managing your device’s music. Is great for backing up content from your device. And, most importantly for me, will allow transfer of videos and photos from your device to the computer. 

Another trick that I discovered by trial and error - was to have your device unplugged when Kies is installed/opened. This way, your device will be recognized when you plug it in. Once all was installed, moving photos became an easy task.